Maintaining an Extraordinary World

~A reflection on a piece of art~

Curiosity; always comes with new life. Children are born with desire to understand the world around them and the life it contains. Caterpillars and ladybugs hold such fascination when they see them for the first time and they grow connection to this being that they imagine has life and emotions just as they do.

There is such innocence involved with the infatuation of all the little things the world holds. With age, patience becomes short and we lose interest in what we now see as mundane. To see the world through eyes that glisten at everything they touch is a blessing that fleets too quickly. And we never appreciate it until it is gone.

At a young age, life moves in time just as it seems it is supposed to. There is time for everything and everything has a time made for it. As we age, the ability to stop and imagine new things and become curious about what we can find new in old things starts to disappear. There is no time for what the world tells us does not deserve our time. There are better things to focus on and better ways to enhance ourselves. But what does life offer without curiosity and infatuation in the little things of everyday that we are told does not matter because they are too ordinary to think about.

When was the last time we held a caterpillar in our hands and took it into our care because we believed we could offer it the love it deserved or put all of our energy into saving a fallen bird because every life matters and has meaning or imagined ourselves a world within the one we live in to make life more interesting than the ordinary.

We don’t realize that imagination shouldn’t just stop when we believe everything does not deserve more curiosity and wonder than we’ve already given it. Imagination is what makes us more human than anything. I think this is why artists, writers, dancers, singers, musicians are so under appreciated by a general public. They see imagination and art as something not as important as other things like math and science. But artists create worlds and pour vulnerable emotions into their pieces that literally change the world just as a scientist could with a cure for a disease.

We should continue to encourage kids to be curious and creative alongside encouraging their knowledge in math and science. Because that tends to stop in middle school and students are left void of building their creative minds unless they are encouraged to do so. So we should equip them with these skills so that they may find their passions and have the opportunity to present themselves in the world with an open mind, free to pursue anything their minds could create.


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