Roots of History

            People say history is the one thing that makes life continue on. People learn from their mistakes and take note of events that change the world. Every little thing that takes place creates its own history with its life, changing pieces it leaves behind. It’s funny, though, how history works. No one realizes that history is being made in the present. People tend to dwell on past events they can’t change or wish for a brighter future but seldom reflect on the now.

            When he smiled at her from across the crowd of people hurdling over their textbooks he never knew what would have come from it. A nice girl, with a bright smile and small nose looked up and met his gaze. He had never smiled like that at someone before. He came from a lonely home where the dead grass took its roots and chilly breezes stayed constant. His world was grey and the days were short. She was the opposite of his world, seemingly so distant yet offered a sense of home and warmth that took root in her eyes.

            When worlds collide they create new ones. Shadows crossed paths and new life was brought into their new world through their existing ones. As time passed, they grew together under a spotted tree that would grow up with them. Though their time there was short, their moments there would create generations of change for the world. The people around the tree changed, but the tree stayed and grew as it watched new generations come and go. How wonderful it must have been for the tree to sit in one place and watch all these people come and go. It must have been smiling when it saw that young couple take a seat under its shade and talk for hours about their passions. However, to sit and watch through changing seasons was only a burden to the spotted tree as it could have no effect on what would happen to every single person that walked by it. The tree could only sit and watch.

            From its one perspective of changing weather, the story must have seemed to have had a dreadful ending. The spotted tree had seen so many people full of love never return again as the winter grew harsh and the tree lost its leaves. But the young couple’s story persisted through the winter. She sat alone under its shade, writing letters. Through the speckled spots of sunlight shining through its leaves, the tree saw her write through the distance and reply back with eagerness and giddy smiles. What a love it had never seen before that not even distance could detach them.

            Years past and still she persisted to write under the spotted tree every week no matter the weather. She wrote to him until he finally returned every week to sit with her. They grew old just as the tree had grown new branches and become more stable with time. As the tree was overtook with emotion, the young couple disappeared just as it had seen so many couples do before. They were never seen again by the tree they always sat under. All the hope and foundation that was laid upon them shook the tree into depression. It mourned the loss of hope of new worlds colliding. The tree stopped growing leaves and providing shade for anyone looking for relief from the heat. It started to lose life and its branches weighed towards the ground.

            The spotted tree stood in the state of despair that slowed time to an everlasting hell. Not even breathing fresh air could have brought its limbs back to life. And just as the tree was taking its last breath it looked up upon a young girl, skinny like the boy and face features like the girl. She looked back at it with a tilted head and sat in the space that had been untouched for sixty years. Though the tree had nothing but bare branches to offer, she found comfort and support of the history its trunk held. She sat soundly underneath the tree as it died. She offered it the world she had grown up in as its dying gift. A new world that had been created by the same young couple who came together through every winter season and persisted to bring life into their collided world. It smiled for the last time in peace. It could finally rest knowing that love the boy and the girl provided for each other could still exist in the life they brought into their world.


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