Broken Crown

The mirror shows not hypocrisy, sin, values, nor weaknesses.

You open your body to regurgitate lies that give you glory

But let yourself see who you truly are and not who you pretend to be.

Because broken crowns only fit broken people. You are not worthy enough of anything more than what you can give yourself; that is a flawed perspective of grace.

What does grace mean if you are worthy of it. You’ll only continue to lie to yourself just to put at ease your restless, wandering soul.

The pressure you take on from being a chosen one will blind your discernment and feed your fleshed temptations.

The choice seems easy when you choose to give in. Your tendencies gravitate towards a simple way out and you become consigned to darkness without a hand to hold.

With no simplicity, we have made our choice to never wear your broken crown even though we might crawl on our bellies in graceless twilight. But we will receive a unbroken crown for our humbled choices.

Because what you don’t understand is that even though darkness is ugly, your pride is hideous. We are better off admitting to our faults and accepting unearned grace than pretending that we have earned anything.


You must become utterly broken and humbled to realize how worthless you are and how you are no better than anyone else. It is better not to be blind to this fact; the choices we make to believe or not to believe, to act or not to act will have heavy impacts on us forever. It would be cruel to have to make these choices under clouded judgement.

As for now, how dare you speak of grace when you have not experienced the overwhelming comfort of it. Remove the veil you are wearing and let yourself be vulnerable and humbled so that you can be risen and glorified because of it.



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