Lost Boy

He hadn’t noticed it until then; that what he thought was a law of science had broken previous proofs. It didn’t worry him, but only intrigued him to experiment with the possibility of a missing shadow and how his could have been stolen. His candle light flickered behind him and yet no traces of himself showed on the white wall in front of him. Dancing around the room, arms floating and feet jumping only planted worry deep in his chest. He came to a halt, heaving air in and out of his lungs. The only thought that stained inside of him was the question of his existence. Had he become a ghost in his own body, unable to interact with his surroundings or could there be an explanation as to why no shadow was cast. He felt lost.

He fell back onto his large bed and his small figure balanced on the edge of the chest at the foot of his bed and the quilt that covered his mattress. Gazing up at the ceiling, he noticed something out of the ordinary. A dark figure was staring back at him with the same posture as he. But it was not his. A foreign, broken shadow took place against his ceiling fan. Startled, the boy leapt from his bed and so did the shadow, finding a more comfortable position against the clean wall. Silence took over both figures, both shocked to be able to recognize each other’s presence.

“Well, there you are!” another boy exclaimed from the now open window in the corner. Both the little boy and the shadow leapt and when the boy looked back at the shadow, it had disappeared. The other boy, with long hair that grazed his eyes and feathers to accent his locks, leapt contradictory to gravity’s laws like he was flying and caught his own shadow in one move. The boy watched in awe, unnoticed. Once his shadow was in tight grip, the strange boy became aware he was being watched.

“Have you lost your shadow?” His words rang in the little boy’s ears and all he could afford to do was swallow rigidly and nod once before he felt the life inside of him drain and he fell back onto the bed, eyes begging to be saved. No empathy was shown against the stranger’s eyes and the last thing he heard was his missing shadow screaming from underneath him.


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