When realization struck her consciousness, the faint feeling of shivers ran down her spine and into the circular view around her. It wasn’t like real life where her physical touch could transpose the barriers around her and allow her to determine the effects of her existence. She was forced to act as an observer in her own consciousness around her. Sitting up only confused her previous state of sleep paralysis and her mind waivered slightly with burning contrast of her dreaming mind and the body she left asleep in bed. Her vision was placed at a rounded degree and when she looked down her body had dissipated and all that was left was a feeling of weightlessness that carried her immaterial body to hover. No tactile communication from any element broke through her missing state, only allowing her sight from the middle of a world which looked familiar in shape but felt distant in aspect.

Slowly her environment became tolerant of her actions and allowed for subtle change. Her invisible hand outstretched towards an old tree and the touch of the hard, brittle bark made contact with her palm. The trunk was rounded in her view like she had stepped inside a virtual world where the quality took on a different appearance when inside. The possibilities of interaction with the bubble world around her was infinite and the choices she made grew heavier consequences. From one place to another, she jumped and she jumped again within enormous amounts of space that defied time. She became so powerful and the excitement aroused her curiosity. How far could she go she thought and how much communication to objects could be made in this world that went around and around and around. The excitement of possibility finally stunned her body into freezing and like she had woken up from a dream, she came back to her dark room, laying flat on her back with eyes barely open. She had no more power at all. Screaming to move only made it worse and she drowned in the sweat that ran down from her forehead, downfallen into a state where she was at the mercy of time to set her free.


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