Under the Surface

Their crowns on top their heads lifted their chins and relaxed their shoulders back to give spectators a false sense of who they really were.

Gold only covered surface level regality; their minds were bound by a heavy weight adorned with jewels that their lovely kingdom praised as power.

People were praising with clouded judgement from a false sense of importance every hypocritic leader had in common.

Who are they to give their respect to and put blind trust into those who only seek spurious adoration.

A pattern that has lasted since the beginning of time. People made to worship, but with what limits do they willingly give away their god given power to worship.

When will they realize that there lies power and respect in delving into motives of those who request worship with nothing to back their claims.

They are all then doomed to continue a virulent way of living without noticing they have the power to question authority when it’s wrong.

Under the surface level of the gold they own and the title they hold and the color of their skin, there lies something similar in each human being that will always be clouded by insignificant treasures each of them tries to hoard for themselves to give them a false sense of power and authority contrary to how wisdom backs its own claims of respect.


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