A soft hum warmed her ears as she lay silently again in a new world full of life yet to be explored. Mummers became clearer and blurry shapes hinted at what new life would hold. A familiar voice, but new touch soothed her crying and she became molded into her mothers arms for the first time. What she would not understand was the instant, natural connection that held the bond between the two. It would take years of life and bearing a child of her own to understand the depth of the miracle and blessing of love implanted in the promise of an innate relationship. The gravity of the chance to take responsibility for a soul would give her tranquility.

As she would grow up under a roof of patience and unconditional love, her heart grew even the more. Philosophy filled her mind and passion filled her heart for the beauty of what life could hold. A blessing of life only influenced her to give the same to someone else. A generation would be born under the same influence of love. A first, second, third, and fourth life brought under the pain and protection of nine months. An inseparable bond of devotion only to finally release into the world with a hope and responsibility of giving them each a life of beauty.

Reality exceeded expectation and the joy of watching new souls find their way through changing the world overwhelmed her heart. Days consisted of laughing and dancing in the sun of a beautiful home. Long summer nights with swimming and sunsets eased the other burdens of the world. And peace lasted as long as God stood at the center. His blessings poured over in more ways than one and the moments full of doubt only proved His grace the bolder. Confidence ensued in each of their hearts and with locked hands they stayed near in love for each other. A mother’s love endured in the passion of what life had brought her. A twice as heavy heart for each of those she loved and a twice as light joy for each of their successes. Every battle fought to win or lose only strengthened her oath to each.

And now she can rest knowing that her work moved souls to pass down their hearts to another generation full of light and discipline. For only a job of a mother could insist on unconditional love and blessing in more ways than one. Never fleeting from the responsibility of what she had once received, she moved with grace and diligence.

And what she used to see as beauty within her world, looked back at her with the same eyes and proclaimed that nothing it held was as beautiful as what she had created for it to hold just the same.


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